ep 11: Adios to socially constructed timelines

In Episode 11, Deanna & Frances explore & discuss a recent quote Deanna posted on her Instagram newsfeed which focuses on socially constructed timelines.

Whether these timelines are self induced, influenced by our culture, society or family, they all have a common theme or outcome which is causing a majority of us a whole lot of anxiety and often times, regret. Deanna & Frances talk about their feelings about the pressures of being told when we are  “supposed to have children”, “when we are supposed to get married”, get a college degree or when we are supposed to buy a house…..you get the point. Listen in to hear how these Mental Health Providers cope with, reconcile and make meaning out of these life experiences and the choices we make when we decide to conform or branch off and be unapologetically non-conforming.

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Hi Friends! I run the Instagram Accounts @HilariousHumanitarian & @HumanitarianMom I am a Psychotherapist, Writer, Advocate, Educator & Life Coach. I am really passionate about the field of Mental Health, the ways in which humans connect with one another and optimizing our time on Planet Earth. I believe humor is a connector and opens doors where they otherwise would have been closed.

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