ep 18: Teacher Misery

In Episode 18, we are interviewing educator, author & Instagrammer, Jane Morris who wrote the amazingly successful book,  “Teacher Misery: Helicopter Parents, Special Snowflakes, and Other Bullsh*t.” Jane also is the mastermind behind the hilarious Instagram account @TeacherMisery. 

Throughout this episode Jane answers questions from her Instagram followers that will make you both laugh and cry (possibly at the same time.) Jane candidly discusses what it’s like to be a teacher in America while giving thoughtful perspective on topics we don’t often get to hear educators talk about. This episode is filled with lots of laughter & camaraderie! Enjoy! 

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Hi Friends! I run the Instagram Accounts @HilariousHumanitarian & @HumanitarianMom I am a Psychotherapist, Writer, Advocate, Educator & Life Coach. I am really passionate about the field of Mental Health, the ways in which humans connect with one another and optimizing our time on Planet Earth. I believe humor is a connector and opens doors where they otherwise would have been closed.

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