Sometimes you make friends with someone early on in life and they stick with us forever.• Sometimes our friends “break-up” with us temporarily or permanently or we are the ones doing the breaking up.•Sometimes you’re an adult doing adult things and you think making new friends would be absolutely impossible but you stay open to the possibilities and opportunity to meet new people with the hope of a budding friendship and it ends up working out.•This week’s episode on the #HilariousHumanitarianPodcast is all about friendships. You won’t want to miss it. Link is in the bio 👆🏻 #applepodcasts (@hhumanitarianspodcast @hhumanitarianspodcast @hhumanitarianspodcast 🎧❤️🎧)


Photo taken at: Los Angeles, California

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Hi Friends! I run the Instagram Accounts @HilariousHumanitarian & @HumanitarianMom I am a Psychotherapist, Writer, Advocate, Educator & Life Coach. I am really passionate about the field of Mental Health, the ways in which humans connect with one another and optimizing our time on Planet Earth. I believe humor is a connector and opens doors where they otherwise would have been closed.

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