Stranger drives 2,300 miles to reunite boy with his beloved dog


If any of you follow me on Instagram chances are you know my obsession with dogs & hopefully have checked out my well known hashtag #DaBubbas. If not, what are you waiting for?! Unless of course you hate dogs which in that case I guess this post won’t mean much but I’m happy you’re here anyway!

For all those that love a Feel Good News story and even more so, love when it involves dogs & humans doing amazing things for each other then this story is for you.

So it turns out there is an 8-year-old boy named Perryn from North Carolina. He was recently visiting family in Utah when he suddenly came down with headaches. He was taken to emergency room for a medical examination where it was soon revealed that he has a brain tumor and needed immediate surgery.

The medical team in Utah & the community that surrounds where Perryn is recovering from his surgery have been nothing short of amazing. Perryn was named officer of the day by the West Valley, Utah, police department and was able to meet his favorite soccer player, Justen Glad.

But there was something missing; Perryn’s beloved 8-month-old German shepherd named Frank. Frank had been left at home in North Carolina while his family was on their holiday trip during the time Perryn was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

That’s when a former trucker named Bob Reynolds, who didn’t even know the Millers, decided to pick up Frank in North Carolina and drive 2,300 miles in 52 hours to deliver him to Perryn in Utah.


When interviewed, Bob said, “I never questioned why I was doing it or anything like that. I just knew something had to be done and that I could do it.”

Bob has also volunteered to make the trip all over again to return Frank home when Perryn is able to return home to North Carolina.


I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love hearing stories of humans doing incredible things for each other especially in a time of great need. Major props to Bob for doing whatever it took to get that little boy’s dog to him during a time that he most likely needed his dog the most. I hope this story filled your heart with comfort and happiness the way it did for me. Sometimes I hear people joking around when they say something “restored their faith in humanity.” I think this is one of those times.

Source & Image viaCBS NEWS

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