2019 is here & waiting for you

Have you thought about doing something outside of your comfort zone or normal day-to-day? Is there something you have been thinking about jumping into in 2019 that you have never done before? 

Prior to becoming a Mom I prided myself on trying new things.  It could have been something small like trying a new restaurant I normally wouldn’t eat at, go to an art show by myself or learn a new skill. One of my prouder things I did that was out of my comfort zone was teaching myself how to face paint & do special effects makeup by watching YouTube tutorials and committing myself to the process of learning as much as I could.

But that was four years ago and the one time I attempted to paint a rainbow on my face post pregnancy, my then one year old became very disturbed and cried until I washed it off.  I still have plans to rekindle my love of special effects makeup but I have decided to wait until my daughter is at an age where she can appreciate it and will join in on the fun.

As 2019 was approaching I decided that I was going to reclaim this new year by extending an olive branch to my “old self” and embrace my more creative side because it’s something I have been missing in my life.  I also fully believe that by tapping back into my “creative brain” it will assist in managing my stress and will also provide a healthy outlet for self care.

Those thoughts lead me to attend a vision board workshop this past weekend which is something I would have normally passed up. For one reason or another I just never felt like it was for me.   I also don’t like leaving my house after dark but I wanted to push myself despite it being after sunset.  I also almost used the excuse that I didn’t know many people there so I wouldn’t feel comfortable but I decided to do away with the excuses and attend for my own personal growth.

I had an absolute blast.  

As I painted my canvas board I realized that an hour had already slipped by and I had not one anxious thought come to my head.  My anxious energy was laid to rest with every brush stroke.  It was unreal and absolutely cathartic.




Since I like to “go big or go home”, I also booked a private lesson with a local resin artist during the same weekend as the vision board workshop.  I have been really wanting to learn how to work with this medium to create some really cool pieces but I had zero clue where to start. I was naturally super stoked when Alex agreed to show me and a friend the “resin ropes.”

I can confidently say after doing my first piece that I am officially obsessed and am now on a mission to convert my garage into a workspace for me to continue to create things that quiet the constant chatter of my incredibly overactive brain.



Some days I feel ready for permanent change and other days I want to crawl into my bed, cuddle my child and watch Coco for the 1200th time with my phone on Do Not Disturb.  I have come to a place of realizing I can do both. I’m always going to be a homebody but it’s time for me to start communicating my needs, wishes and thoughts through something else other than words.

I look forward to the new experiences that will come my way for 2019 as long as I give the space to allow them in just as I did this past weekend.

Do you have something you want to do but you’re holding back?  If so and you’re comfortable to share let me know what it is in the comments below.

Thanks for reading, friends!

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