To my Ventura County friends I want to tell you about @mercycrusade. They are an amazing nonprofit pet clinic (I am a little bias since I work with them) but seriously, they are the best and do incredible work to end pet overpopulation through their spay and neuter services. Anything for #DaBubbas! • Today they are hosting a special Valentines Day event where you can bring your pet down to the clinic between 9am-1pm and for $10 you get to dress them up in a Valentines Day outfit and take a picture with them. Your $10 donation will get you a 4×6 picture and the happiness of knowing you are supporting a nonprofit that is dedicated to taking care of our furry family members. • If you can’t make it today, please consider showing your support by following their Instagram page & donating to their cause. Even $1 goes a long way. You can DM me if you need further information about how you can help. Thanks so much!

Photo taken at: Mercy Crusade Spay Neuter Wellness Clinic

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