Tough Love and Learning Lessons



For April 1st I pulled the card “Cholulu hot sauce” from my Grateful AF deck. 

At first I had no clue where this was going but after I read the back of the card I had a good chuckle. The first thing I thought of after reading the card was a professor I had in grad school that scared the living shit out of us our first day of class (and for good reason as far as I am concerned.) 
I will always remember it was the first day of orientation, there was a panel of professionals that came to speak to us. At the end of the orientation they asked our group of a few hundred graduate students if we had any questions. NOT ONE PERSON RAISED THEIR HAND. 
It. Was. So. Awkward. 
This happened over nine years ago and I still can remember the tension that filled the room. Fast forward a few days later it was the first day of classes and we had the professor that had organized that panel and that orientation. Before she even did roll call she basically ripped us a new one about being a part of that group of students who couldn’t come up with one question for the panel of professionals that took time out of their day to speak to us about career choices. At the time I remember us all feeling like we were small children being scolded but after we sat back and reflected a bit, we got the point. 
We were privileged to have been in that room, to be in this program and to have been listening to these seasoned professionals speak. The fact that no one stepped forward to lead the pack in thoughtful questioning or at the very least a few thankful comments to this panel was pretty embarrassing. 
This was a moment where us as a class could learn the tough lesson, evolve from this and improve ourselves as budding professionals in the field. This professor gave us the hard truth and some tough love and although it was fucking uncomfortable it was necessary. 
I will forever be grateful to the people in my life that have held the mirror up to me and made me face my areas of improvement. This shit is not always fun and it’s usually pretty uncomfortable but if we are open to the constructive feedback and open to growth then that’s exactly what will happen. 
So thank you to the Cholula hot sauce lady and thank you to my bad ass professor in grad school that did not put up with anyone’s shit. 

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