3 Reasons Why It’s Time to Break Up with Your Diet How many times this week have you heard someone talking about the latest food they’re cutting out, juice cleanse they recently started, number of steps they’ve taken today, or how they’re just SO BAD for eating [insert food here -ice cream, donuts, fries, etc.]? As a registered dietitian who works in eating disorder treatment, I hear these messages left and right.  The problem is I don’t only hear these messages at work!  They’re at the grocery store, restaurants, at the gym and even at social gatherings.  And they are messages of disordered eating.  It.

  DO YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN TO YOUR KIDS IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO YOU TODAY? Crista Hermance, Estate Planning Mom   Some parents know but most parents don’t know what would happen to their kids if something happened to them.  So, if you don’t know, you are with the majority of parents.  Generally, if both parents were to pass away with minor children (under 18) and there were no legal documents completed and signed by the parents nominating guardians for their minor children, a court, who has no idea who you would actually want to raise your kids, would determine guardianship for your kids.    I know it’s scary to think about. I hear you, I

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Disclaimer: This website & individual blog posts are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or mental health evaluation. The reader should regularly consult their physician and/or provider in matters relating to his/her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention.  Women’s health issues are not given as much consideration, time, or funding as our male counterparts. We can point fingers and get angry or we can unite forces and create a movement of change.  I choose the latter, I choose to be a voice, I choose to be a difference maker so that,

       Six years.  It’s been six years since my husband was killed in a military parachuting accident.  He died three days before our wedding anniversary.  His body was flown home three days later.  Three days after that was his first funeral.  Then we celebrated Christmas three days after that.  What a nightmare that was, going through the motions of Christmas because my niece was only five and we didn’t want her to be traumatized by learning there was no Santa right after her favorite uncle was killed.  There was a second funeral the first week of January at Arlington National Cemetery

One thing I have learned in my 43 years of life is that we don’t leave this world unscathed.  If you want to truly live, the results are the dents and scratches you collect.  They are reminders of the wonderful and the heartbreaking, of the difficult lessons and the magical connections—badges of honor your will proudly display.  I think of the dents and scars I have collected, and I see a woman who risked everything in order to fully live.  If I had the opportunity to whisper in the ear of my younger self, the young girl on the brink

At first glance it could feel innocent enough.  Calling for their followers to comment with a colorful emoji heart indicating their current mood.  In the caption they even write "If you see someone comment a heart that indicates they need help, reply to their comment and try to lift their spirits."  Here's one of the many problems of this post

I’ve always been the group “mom”.  The responsible and organized one, the one who remembers to text you on the anniversary of your uncle’s death, and who knows every friend’s favourite kind of candy and chips to buy when we hang out in case they need a pick me up.  The one who always has lip chap, an extra hair elastic, or who thought ahead and packed an extra sweater in the trunk because I knew someone would forget and get cold. It’s never felt like a chore, or that it takes extra effort or thought – it feels natural and

This is my story about escaping an abusive relationship of 14 years. I met my ex husband through mutual friends when I was 19 and had just lost my mother to cancer.  I wasn't close with my workaholic father at the time and my ex was in the right place at the right time telling all the right things. I felt lost without my mother but my ex made me feel like someone cared. It wasn't long before the red flags started to appear but I ignored them because I grabbed onto the first thing that felt like love since

Have you thought about doing something outside of your comfort zone or normal day-to-day? Is there something you have been thinking about jumping into in 2019 that you have never done before?  Prior to becoming a Mom I prided myself on trying new things.  It could have been something small like trying a new restaurant I normally wouldn't eat at, go to an art show by myself or learn a new skill. One of my prouder things I did that was out of my comfort zone was teaching myself how to face paint & do special effects makeup by watching YouTube