If any of you follow me on Instagram chances are you know my obsession with dogs & hopefully have checked out my well known hashtag #DaBubbas. If not, what are you waiting for?! Unless of course you hate dogs which in that case I guess this post won't mean much but I'm happy you're here anyway! For all those that love a Feel Good News story and even more so, love when it involves dogs & humans doing amazing things for each other then this story is for you. So it turns out there is an 8-year-old boy named Perryn from North

  I was 26 when my Mom died. I was 18 when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer. From there it was 8 years of absolute hell. I grew up overnight realizing what really mattered, what doesn't, what I would tolerate in my life and what I absolutely had no time for anymore. I describe this time in my life as feeling like I was holding my breath underwater for 8 years; barely taking in oxygen, praying to break the surface of the water hoping that I would never have to go under again only to be disappointed and terrified each

Alissa is my first feature for the Hilarious Humanitarian's Helping Hands! Here is what Alissa has to say: "I am an artist and have been creating paintings I call “love notes.”  I was working in a profession where I heard a lot of difficult stories, stories where people tended to let their circumstances define their value.  I needed an outlet to combat theses lies (my gun paintings) I was hearing and replace them with truths (my love notes paintings).  The paintings are all on my Instagram account @amass_attack along with explanations of the work.  There are more serious truths and then more cute

As we say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019 my hope for each & every one of you is to spend a few moments reflecting on everything we have been through in the last year & draw strength from what once was & what will come to be. Whether 2018 had your back or whether the last 365 days acted like a relentless bully toward you, the fact of the matter is you survived & that should also be celebrated and not overlooked. We are a collection of all of our experiences, feelings, tragedies, challenges, circumstances, every flutter in our stomach