JOMO: Celebrate the Joy of Missing Out Hardcover


Take your FOMO (fear of missing out), mix in some joy, and you've got & JOMO the fine art of not going out. This book is your bucket list of fun, stress-free activities for every time you decide to stay in the comfort of your home rather than going out for drinks or coffee or to a meeting or show or play date or party or whatever else is tugging on us from the outside world. Includes over 350 things to do, like entertaining friends (get some snacks and host a game night), spending time with your significant other (put together some homemade pizza and watch a movie or a sports game), or enjoying a relaxing Friday night at home alone (all you need is a bubble bath and a good book).

Product features: 

  • Hardcover
  • Made in the USA
  • 7.5" l x 5.5" w x 0.7" h

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