The Community

This is my community of friends, followers, experts, survivors and warriors that I converse with. Through a network of social media channels, I try to spread the #HumorHeals message and encourage conversation. In addition to the HH Instagram account that started it all, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter and of course the (soon to be) legendary Hilarious Humanitarians Podcast!


Good News

It’s not all bad! The media is hell-bent on convincing us that we’re doomed and everything sucks. Here are some great stories about great people doing great things.

Print books are making a comeback

For a while there, I don’t know about you guys but I was getting a little nervous that print books were going to disappear into some vast abyss and be completely taken over by e-books.  Maybe it’s my subtle paranoia about the future and where […]

Stranger drives 2,300 miles to reunite boy with his beloved dog

  If any of you follow me on Instagram chances are you know my obsession with dogs & hopefully have checked out my well known hashtag #DaBubbas. If not, what are you waiting for?! Unless of course you hate dogs which in that case I […]


Helping Hands

#HumorHeals…but so do people! Connection is the cornerstone of mental health. Everyday, everywhere, people need help. Here are some ways that fellow Hilarious Humanitarians have lent a helping hand!

Alissa’s Helping Hands

Alissa is my first feature for the Hilarious Humanitarian’s Helping Hands! Here is what Alissa has to say: “I am an artist and have been creating paintings I call “love notes.”  I was working in a profession where I heard a lot of difficult stories, […]

Submit Your Good News & Helping Hands Stories!

Have you lent a helping hand? We’d love to hear it. Random acts of kindness, kind acts of randomness, good deeds, volunteer work? Hit us up below if you think you have a message of #HumorHeals or hope that you think might resonate with the HH community.


*Disclaimer: Any person submitting a story or images are giving me full permission to use the story and images on my website and that the information provided is about them and no one else. At this time I will not take stories from people who are trying to nominate a friend who did a good deed. Although that is nice and all, I don’t want to deal with the legal ramification of someone getting mad about being posted up on a blog when they didn’t give me their direct permission or getting pissed about using their images. Thanks for your understanding, everyone.