Mental health & wellness, marriage, motherhood, happiness, sadness, anxiety, depression, etc. All the fun stuff! Check in regularly for my take on all things mental health-related. But let’s be honest here. This is as much for me as it is for you. Friends… bare with me if I get a little rant-y or whiny. It’s all love either way!

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  • ep 48: Surviving Families of Suicide September 21, 2018
    September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month so in honor of this important month & topic we have special guest @MommyNeedsaCoffee from Instagram who is sharing her personal story as a family member who has survived the death of her brother due to suicide. Natalie is sharing her journey of healing and recovering from such a […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 47: "My calm conversation with the man who sexually assaulted me" September 14, 2018
    In episode 47, Frances is joined by Erica M. Hart (@ericamichellehart), a documentary filmmaker who sat down with the man that sexually assaulted her years prior to have a “calm conversation” about that night. And it’s all on tape in the upcoming documentary, “Grey Area.” Erica shares how the sexual assault has shaped her life and how she […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 46: Life after War September 7, 2018
    In this week's release prior to the anniversary of 9-11, Frances is joined by Carlos, a veteran who served 4 years of active duty as a Marine. Carlos shares some of his experiences serving several tours as a Marine Infantryman in Iraq and the difficulty he and others face reintegrating into civilian life after service. […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 45: Introverts Extroverts and Ambiverts August 31, 2018
    Are you an Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert and what does it actually all mean? Deanna & Frances discuss the different personality types including their own. Our guest this week is Ernie Garcia who works in higher education and has provided training throughout the state of California  on how to maximize the leadership potential of Introverts. […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 44 Fair Fighting Rules August 24, 2018
    In episode 44 we are talking all about fighting and arguments in the context of our intimate relationships. We explore "Fair Fighting" rules, what to do and what we should avoid at all costs. Is there a way to fight "fair?" We think so.  Connect with us! If you are loving the show please Subscribe […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 43: Social Media & Narcissism August 17, 2018
    Is Social Media changing us? If so, is it for better or for worse? Do you think Social Media is making it easier to spot narcissistic traits in others or even ourselves? Tune in to this episode to listen to us discuss how Social Media has changed the landscape of human expression and our connection to […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 42: Pets and our Mental Health August 10, 2018
    It's no secret that a lot of us are pretty obsessed with our pets and for good reason. Studies have shown that owning a pet can be incredibly important for our mental health and healing. In this episode Deanna & Frances are discussing the joys and benefits of pet ownership, Equine Therapy and much more. […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 41: We are all going to die August 3, 2018
    Let's face it, we are all going to die someday and this episode is all about that reality. It can be one of the toughest and most important conversations we can have with our loved ones and yet so many of us avoid it for one reason or another. Deanna & Frances are discussing their […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 40: All about Grief Part 2 July 27, 2018
    Frances is back with Vanessa Fierstadt, a fellow LMFT who joined the show last week to talk about grief and loss. With so much great feedback and many more areas to delve into, Frances and Vanessa wanted to spend another episode on the topic, including the what grief and loss looks and feels like, how […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
  • ep 39: All about Grief Part 1 July 20, 2018
    Frances is joined by fellow LMFT, Vanessa Fierstadt, who specializes in the treatment of grief and loss. Vanessa shares her story of tragedy at a time when most women her age would be celebrating one of life’s most memorable milestones. Her journey through this dark time led to the development of a specialized therapy practice […]
    Deanna Silverman, LCSW & Frances Echeverria, LMFT
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