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Cat and Nat's Mom Truths: Embarrassing Stories and Brutally Honest Advice on the Extremely Real Struggle of Motherhood Book

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Author: Catherine Belknap, Natalie Telfer
Paperback; 224 pages 
Real, candid, and maybe just a little bit R-rated, hilarious moms and best friends Cat and Nat (who have more than a million fans on social media) share their stories and insights to lift moms up when they're feeling low, reassure them when they're feeling overwhelmed, and make them laugh like they're talking to their own best friend.
With seven kids between them, Cat and Nat have connected with their audience by sharing their completely real take on the stress, guilt, and joy of being a mom. Their viral videos give the real story on everything from sleep to sex, dropping mom truths like why going clubbing is the best preparation for having kids (because the night always ends with someone random in your bed and a girl crying in the corner).

The book will be loosely structured around the stages of being a mom, from pregnancy onward, with never-before-told stories from their lives--but short and digestible enough for a crazed mom--and peppered with advice and insights. Their goal is to help moms let go of guilt. And their method is humor. Their individual voices and the feeling of their close, no-holds-barred friendship will be captured on the page, making this the essential companion for moms who feel overwhelmed.