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Digital Citizenship Journal

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Our digital citizenship journal will guide your family in learning how to make smart, kind, responsible choices when using technology, and how to keep yourself safe online.

The digital citizenship journal encourages meaningful action through several activities:

-Role play exercises

-Practicing how to handle uncomfortable online situations

-Learning about information that is ok to share and not ok to share

-How to keep private information safe

Through activities, games, and thoughtful callouts for caregivers, the Bright Littles digital citizenship journal is an age-appropriate way to prepare our littles for the big world we live in.

Created by a mom, our award-winning conversation journals make a perfect gift. -Great for ages 6 and up -Created with learning scientists and PHDs

-Engaging games & questions to spark creative conversations -Reward badges for completing activities

-Meaningful tips to help caregivers open and continue the conversation beyond the journal

Brand: Bright Littles