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Happyish Deck - 50 cards

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Written by Nora McInerny 

Portfolio-style box with magnetic closure 50 cards

Size: 3.60" x 4.8"

Studies have shown that the pursuit of happiness can negatively impact your mental health (wtf? . . . and yet, somehow, we suspected as much). Nora McInerny-celebrated author and host of the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast-gets it. She's created this daily oracle/guidance deck for people who are done with the pursuit of unbridled happiness-and are ready to embrace its more stable cousin, a state of "happyish."

Each card represents a helpful thought that McInerny herself has relied upon when life got dark-nuggets like "Life is not a self-improvement exercise," "You are not a sad story," and "Let it be complicated." Use 'em daily, weekly, hourly…whenever and wherever. No rules and no pressure.