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Hell Yes Card

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Edgy, bold & surprisingly pretty hand lettering is filled with metallic printed jewel tone art to complete the “Hell Yes” vibe.

Size: 4.25'' x 5.5''

HP Indigo printed in the USA on felted texture paper 

Colorful Euro Flap envelope included

Blank inside

Brand: Mirthos Paper 

Mirthos Paper was created by Hilary Meehan as a tonic to free your heart into the universal ether where your soul breathes poetry back into your cells. Mirthos invites you to indulge in all the wild, decadent, raw, magical edges of your being. Mirthos  is enthusiastic in their celebration of who you are meant to be, all dazzling & one-of-a-kind! They are effusive in general & they practice kindness. They also hug you very tight & send sincere notes when the hard parts of our exquisite existence are at the forefront. Mirthos is a whole attitude of jovial good vibes - like pathos, but on the happy side.