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Kindness Matters Enamel Pin

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Description: Kindness Matters hard enamel pin 

One morning in England in 1842, 21-year-old seamstress Olivia Tadwick left her home to walk to work. Halfway there she happened upon a rainbow and, hoping for riches in a pot of gold at the end, followed it. She did indeed find a pot, but inside there was only a handwritten note that said "Kindness Matters". True story.

Brand: Punky Pins

Positivity, playfulness and personal empowerment are at the heart of everything Punky Pins does. Founded in 2005 by Claire, Punky Pins was accidentally born from an adventure with a kid’s badge making machine. With the results of Claire’s playful hobby selling like hot cakes on eBay and MySpace (*sigh*), she decided to upgrade to a professional machine, team up with a graphic designer and launch the Punky Pins empire. With Punky Pins, cat jokes and playground innuendos are no longer a secret giggle had when no one’s looking - but a fast - growing language of self - expression and connection for individuals across the world.