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Polyphemus Moth Temporary Tattoos

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  • This design is hand-drawn with black lines and stippling. The group of tats measures 6.5" x 2.5", and the wingspan of the moth design is 4.75". This huge moth has a wingspan of up to 6 inches, it has some variation of light golden brown color, with some hints of pink and purple details. The polyphemus moth is a silk moth, the caterpillar munches on several different tree species then it pupates in a silk cocoon, and finally emerges as a huge 4-6 inch wide golden brown moth with a furry body and antennae. The wings have a pattern that is meant to mimic the eyes of a bird or a creature in the dark. The adult moth only lives for a few days.
Lasts 2-5 days
Water-resistant, comfortable, skin safe
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Made in the United States 

Brand: NatureTats

NatureTats was started in 2016, by Allison Wilcoxen. Initially, she designed some temporary tattoos for herself for a test run on some real tattoo ideas. “I had an online shop where I was listing all of the random creative hobbies I got into. I made some polymer clay jewelry, watercolor paintings, got into ceramics for a while, then when I listed the temporary tattoos they were gone almost immediately, I knew I had to make more. The inspiration for NatureTat’s dark, earthy style evolved out of her own adventures and experience in nature, her connection to Austin's creative culture, and admiring modern tattoo styles.” NatureTats’ focus right now is to continue to improve their design selection, continue to learn how to make a positive impact on our community, and give back to nature.