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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks

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The majority opinion has been handed down, and these Ruth Bader Ginsburg novelty socks are hereby judged as great. The pattern on these socks is printed, rather than woven, which means you get an awesomely detailed portrait of the iconic late Supreme Court justice. She’s wearing her famous “dissent collar,” and the phrase “I dissent” appears on the toes, a fantastic tribute to the liberal legend.


  • Crew height
  • Reinforced heel & toe add durability and just the right amount of stretch so you will be comfortable all day long.


  • Contents: 56% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 5% Elastic, 2% Spandex


  • Machine wash, cold.
  • Do not bleach or iron.
  • To reduce damage and if you're feeling very fancy, line dry. They will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.


  • Women's size 5-9