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Tropical Beach Soy Candle

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Scents of salty mist, mango, plumeria, and coconut.

Top notes: mango, tangerine, bright citrus

Middle notes: plumeria, tropical florals, sea spray

Base notes: ocean ozone, coconut, bergamot

Size: 9oz jar

Wick Type: Cotton

Burn time: 50-60 hrs

Brand: Novelly Yours Candles 

Novelly Yours Candles is owned and operated by Brittany Smith and her husband Shane in Oswego, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Each candle is carefully crafted with a unique scent combination with various themes such as literary, destinations, mood, home, and beverage! All Novelly Yours Candles are made with US-sourced products including all-natural soy wax, candle fragrance oils, and cotton wicks.