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You Are Beautiful Silver Foil Magnet - 4 pack

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Size: 2'' x 1.5''

4 pack of You are Beautiful Magnets to share the positivity & kindness with the world

These silver foil magnets are the exact size & material as our classic silver sticker. Have fun tossing, slapping, and placing these on any metal surface! These thin custom magnets are designed to stick nicely to smooth surfaces, but likely not strong enough to hold up anything but themselves.

Share positivity with these motivational magnets, and remind each and every single person to be confident in who they are. There’s no one you need to try to be, other than yourself. Just be you, and that’s enough. There are so many ways to use these magnets! Create random acts of kindness, pay it forward, help boost confidence, increase self esteem, motivate, inspire, and give joy as you travel the world & explore on your next You Are Beautiful spreading adventure.