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Free Domestic Shipping For All Orders $80+

Shipping & FAQ

How long does it take for my order to be packed and shipped?

Our shipping policy for ready-to-ship items is 3-5 business days. Most days we are able to pack and ship your order out much faster than that and many of our customers have left reviews commenting on how quickly we get things mailed out. We love that! We say 3-5 days to manage everyone's expectations since we are a family-run business and everything that is packed and shipped is done with our own hands (and depending on the day our children like to help too.) 


Which countries do you ship to? ships to the US and Canada.


What shipping carriers do you use?

For shipping in the US, most orders are sent using USPS First Class Package Service and come with a tracking number.  Larger packages are typically shipped UPS Ground. 


How much does shipping cost? 

Shipping cost is calculated at checkout and depends on the item/s you order weight and size, as well as the area or country (USA or Canada) it’s being shipped to.  All shipments come with a tracking number.


Once my package has been picked up by the mail carrier how long will it take to arrive?

We ship from Ventura, CA so if you are in CA it will typically arrive within 1-3 business days. If you are outside of CA but reside within the US it will typically take 3-5 business days. If you are in Canada it will take up to two weeks, possibly more depending on the mail carrier’s volume.


Do you offer expedited shipping?

Please email us at if you would like to see if we can expedite your order.  If expedited shipping is possible we will invoice you for the upgrade in shipping. 


I live in Canada. Will I have to pay customs fees to receive my package?

Yes, you will need to pay a duty and tax to receive your package and can calculate your rate here.  For shipping to Canada, we always use USPS as other carriers often charge extra fees.


Are your shipping windows guaranteed? 

Our shipping estimates are based on the most up-to-date information given to us by mail carriers, however the shipping windows we offer are estimates and not guarantees. Due to carrier delays outside of our control, refunds will not be issued for delivery outside of the estimated shipping window. 


What is considered a business day

Business days are Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and are within normal 9-5 business hours.


This is a gift, will there be a receipt in the box? 

All orders (gift or not) are sent with only a packing slip detailing what should be in your package. The packing slip will never list prices.


I heard you will write a custom note in an order by request? 

I do....well sorta. There are a few ways to go about this. Upon checkout there is a note section where you can type in whatever message you want to write to your gift recipient. This message will appear on the packing slip.  


Another option is to write a note to me detailing what you want me to write in a complimentary stationary note to whoever you are sending the package to. Example: "Hey Deanna...Can you please hand write "Happy Birthday babe! I hope you enjoy the gift I got you! Love, Sarah." Please note: I will write the note as if I am you and I won't write anything creepy or harmful, not that any of you would think to request something like that. 


Lastly, if you purchase a greeting card in your order and you are having it shipped directly to the recipient and you would like for me to write a message directly into the greeting card I would be happy to do that. I will need you to contact me at the SAME DAY you placed the order detailing what you want me to write or you can detail that in the notes section at checkout. 


Please note: I offer this service as a fun courtesy for my customers but I do ask that you are prompt with your request. If I mail your order out and I get a message request a few days later there's nothing I can do about that and that would just make everyone sad.


Can I make an exchange if any clothing I ordered did not fit?

Short answer is yes. Long answer is we can offer an exchange if we have the size you need in stock. To begin an exchange or refund you will need to contact me at 

Please note that we will only accept returns or exchanges if the item is unworn, clean and in resalable condition (no make-up or deodorant marks.) You will be responsible for shipping the item back to me and for the shipping costs associated with sending out the new size. You will get an email confirmation when we receive your returned item and a subsequent email detailing when the new size is being mailed out. 


My tracking says that my order was delivered but I can't find it! What do I do?

Call your local post office with the tracking number and ask them to trace it for you. More and more we are seeing mail carriers mark packages as delivered about a day or so before they actually arrive. Silly, we know. We also suggest checking with neighbors, family members, or roommates to see if someone is holding onto it for you. If your package still has not shown up after waiting a few days and asking around please contact us at


Something I want is out of stock, will you be getting it back in? 

Please email me at so I can let you know directly if we have plans to bring back a specific item. Please keep in mind that we are a small batch retailer which means we don't have an inventory room with thousands of units for one specific item. If you see something you want and you are able to responsibly purchase it I would encourage you to do so since we tend to run out of well-loved items rather quickly. 


What's the sizing like for the clothing?

The majority of the sweaters and tees that I sell are unisex sizing which means if you perfer a fitted look I would size down. Once in a blue moon I will offer a tee that is "snug" or a "womens fit." If this is the case I will always specify this information in the description of the product 


What payment methods do you offer? 

We accept all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, Afterpay (Buy now pay later), Google Pay and Shop Pay.


I ordered a presale item but I also ordered items that you currently have in stock. Will they ship together or separately? 

The order will ship together unless specifically requested by the customer. If you request that two seperate orders be mailed out then you will be invoiced for the subsequent shipping charges. 


Do you make the items you sell? 

I do not. I am a retailer and everything I sell comes from my fantastic wholesale vendors that I have vetted. I seek out brands that align with my values as a woman owned, small business owner. I typically choose brands that are also woman-owned, LGBTQIA+ owned, BIPOC owned, made in the USA and not found on big box retail sites etc.

I make fun things that I think would be a great fit for your store! Do you take requests from other small business owners to request you as one of their stockists? 

Absolutely! Please contact me at to introduce yourself and your products.


Can I make a request or suggestion for products I would like to see in your store? 

Of course! Some of my best selling products came from customer requests! If you have something in mind or just want to say hi please contact me at I can’t wait to hear from you!