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Calm Strips; Calming Arcadia

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A cool and convenient way to help regulate restless energy. Calm Strips might look like any other sticker, but they are actually the first-of-their-kind reusable textured sensory adhesives. They're a simple and convenient tool for anxiety, stress, fidgeting, ADHD, ADD, ASD, and BFRB. Just peel and stick Calm Strips to almost any flat, less-textured surface. Perfect to use on desks, phone cases, laptops, notebooks, and more! Touch, scratch, or pick at the top layer to help regulate restless energy and increase focus. They're reusable, residue-free and latex-free!

Are the mountains calling your name? Take yourself away on a serene getaway with this design, Calling Arcadia. And don’t ever forget, no mountain is too big to climb!

Each pack comes with plenty of backups and extras to use and take along with you.

Included: Five strips per pack

Gentle on skin for repeated use

Reusable over and over again 

Latex and residue free 

Brand: Calm Strips