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Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck

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Hack Your Nervous System is your "cheat code" to reclaiming a sense of calm, safety, and regulation in your life. This deck was designed by a licensed mental health counselor and is infused with Evidence-Based Mind-Body practices that have been sourced and adapted from the ancient lineages of Yoga, Qi Gong, Buddhism, and Eastern Medicine, as well as the present day science of Somatic Therapy.

The purpose of this deck is to help you increase your awareness of your mind-body experience, to reprogram your Nervous System to seek for safety over danger, and to offer you a sense of empowerment and control over your stress and anxiety. 

Brand: Hack Your Nervous System 

Created by Brianna Rose LMHC, RYT, a Licensed Therapist, Certified, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Eye Movement Integration Therapy And Trauma Incident Reduction Practitioner. Brianna created the Hack Your Nervous System Card Deck as a way to condense the knowledge she built from 10 years of mind-body study, with the intention of spreading easily affordable and accessible tools to navigate the symptoms associated with Trauma, anxiety, and stress. Brianna's dream is to be a part of creating a more self aware, embodied, compassionate and (of course) regulated world. By purchasing these decks, you are actively taking part in amplifying the movement towards embodiment and peace.