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I Deserve A Little Treat Cookie Monster Sticker

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Size: 2.8" x 3" glossy, waterproof and UV resistant vinyl sticker

Brand: The Sadsquatch

At Sadsquatch, they are all about putting the “cry” in cryptid. They seek to intersect subject matter that holds a certain sort of stigma in our society. The artist behind Sadsquatch is hoping to promote the idea and recognition that, just because you’re “sad”, doesn’t mean you can’t also be silly. Or, just because you’re silly doesn’t mean you’re "childish". Adults should have fun and seek what brings them joy, even if that means buying a lil shrimp sticker with the words “full of poop” :) Whether you're into silly, sad, cute, or just plain weird -The Sadsquatch has a dash of pop culture, a sprinkle of cats, a pinch of nihilism, and a whole lot of eccentric creatures and cryptids to brighten up your world!

LGBTQ+ owned, Not found on Amazon, Woman-owned, eco-friendly