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Mystery Bundle Plant Stakes 5 pack

  • $34.00
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This mystery bundle comes with 5 of our plant stakes for $34. That's a $8.50 savings, in other words it's like buying 4 and getting 1 for free!  

Optional Do's when ordering a mystery bundle: Leave a note at checkout to let us know that you prefer plant stakes with no cuss words. You can also leave us a note if there is one you don't want because you already have that design from a previous order. 

Don'ts: Please do not purchase a mystery bundle and then leave us a note detailing which plant stakes you want. That would defeat the whole purpose of a mystery bundle and that isn't fun for anyone.

If you have ordered before, your profile will be checked to ensure you don't get any repeats unless of course you are into that kind of thing which is also totally fine. You  can leave me a note at checkout to let me know if you prefer any repeats from your previous orders or any other considerations.

Please keep in mind that writing me a note does not guarantee that you will receive the design you specifically requested. This is a mystery bundle after-all so it wouldn't be much of a surprise if everyone just told me what they wanted. Thank you for your understanding. 

We pull stake bundles from the brands we carry so at this time Plant Stake Bundles may include stakes from brands including Raven Design, Mad River, Tuff Girl Gang and Knotty Design Co.

Not found on Amazon, Handmade, Made in the USA, Woman-owned