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Out of Patience For Deeply Disappointing Men Tote Bag

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This design is also available as a sticker 

When it comes to men in unmerited positions of authority, you’re 👎 OUT OF PATIENCE! Show it with this slouchy tote bag that'll definitely get some second looks. Reads, "Out of Patience for Deeply Disappointing Men in Unmerited Positions of Authority" in rainbow pastel colors. This high quality silk screened canvas tote has unique rounded handles, all made of a single piece of fabric.

Material: Cotton

Tote bag body is 13.5" x 14"

Canvas handles

Brand values: Woman owned 

Brand: GetBullish 

GetBullish began in 2013 as an advice column by Jennifer Dziura about women, careers, and entrepreneurship. As the column gained fans around the world, it was followed by an annual conference – and a capsule collection of feminist-focused totes, mugs, and accessories. As the brand grew, the product collection did as well, and Jennifer discovered that writing funny, trenchant slogans was at least as gratifying as writing articles. One night she printed a keychain with “We will dance on the graves of the patriarchy and drink the bitter tears of mediocre men” – and a little bit of history was made as thousands of women have snatched up those keychains and gifted them to friends. The symbol of GetBullish is a bull, the traditional symbol of business and aggression – cheekily painted rainbow colors and bedecked with a fabulous unicorn horn. A bullicorn, if you will. The concept plays with ideas of gender and power, just as many of Bullish’s products cheer us on to “smash the patriarchy” and “hustle for justice.” The company is 100% woman owned and operated.