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Pet This F*cking Puppy - A Touch & Feel Book For Stressed Out Adults

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Stimulate the senses while finding inner peace with this adorably hilarious Pet This F*cking Puppy Board Book. Designed like a children’s book for adults, this playful read will help melt away stress and ease your nerves with a variety of tactile, visual, and even olfactory stimulation.

This first-ever touch-and-feel book for grown-ups is the perfect interactive and calming gift for any stressed-out adult. Which is every adult.

A board book with six touch-and-feel (or smell!) elements that punctuate simple illustrations, this hilarious novelty book provides today's hardworking grown-up different tactile, visual, or smelly ways to, well, calm the f *ck down.

Bright, bold images of puppies, blankets, rainbows, sunsets, and more, each complemented with a different texture or interactive element, are designed to give readers moments of quiet respite from the onslaught of real-world angst and responsibilities.

Guaranteed to calm anyone from a neurotic New York businessperson to a harried soccer parent to anyone who watches the news, Pet This F*cking Puppy will make people smile long enough to feel a little better.

Author: Robb Pearlman

Distributor: Penguin Random House