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Reusable Sticker Book Composition Green Design- 50 Pages

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Each book measures approximately 4" wide x 6" tall, and each sheet can hold approximately 4 two-three inch stickers (utilizing both sides of the sheet), for a sticker storage system capable of holding upwards of 200+ stickers total! Color: Green 

For anyone with a drawer full of stickers because "they don't know what to do with them"! This sticker collector book contains 50 sheets of double-sided, silicone coated release paper (similar to the paper backing of a sticker). Stickers can be stored within this book and reused at a later point in time, or just keep them in the book to admire your collection.

There is a front and back design cover, and those are protected by a more durable frosted plastic sheet (it is not adhered to the design, so it can be removed if desired).

Makes a great gift for sticker collectors, stationary lovers, and more!